Bitcoin needs latency independent second layers

Many Arguments can be made in favor of second layers to bitcoin. The most common ones are efficiency, privacy and speed. For a long time I too thought these were the most important reasons. But during a recent twitter conversation with some BSV shills rehashing fork dynamics something else occurred to me: to successfully defend against a majority of miners trying to strong arm the community into accepting new rules we need to be able to carry on without the ability to transact on chain (or at least for much higher prices) for a period of time.

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Liquid Asset Directory

Screenshot of the list of assets o the asset directory page

Liquid is a federated sidechain to bitcoin developed by Blockstream and run by a federation of exchanges and other big Bitcoin industry players. Amongst its many features it supports asset issuance. When you look at liquid transactions you can see inputs with an issuance field from time to time, but till now it was really hard to find these transactions since neither nor list issued assets. That's why I built a Liquid Asset Directory that lists all issuances and reissuances. It also gives you the raw, JSON encoded data in case you want to run your own analysis.

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