Liquid Asset Directory

Screenshot of the list of assets o the asset directory page

Liquid is a federated sidechain to bitcoin developed by Blockstream and run by a federation of exchanges and other big Bitcoin industry players. Amongst its many features it supports asset issuance. When you look at liquid transactions you can see inputs with an issuance field from time to time, but till now it was really hard to find these transactions since neither nor list issued assets. That's why I built a Liquid Asset Directory that lists all issuances and reissuances. It also gives you the raw, JSON encoded data in case you want to run your own analysis.

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Building a Lightning candy dispenser

The candy dispenser in action

Back in September I attended the 3rd Lightning Network Hackday in Berlin organized by fulmo. It was a rather loose gathering of people working on all sorts of Bitcoin and Lightning related projects. One of the most fun applications of Lightning I saw there was a little electronic candy dispenser. The concept was simple but yet fascinating: a Raspberry Pi, embedded in the candy dispenser, ran lnd and served a website with an invoice displayed as QR code. Every time one sent money some M&Ms dropped out of the machine and a new invoice was generated. This turned out to be so much fun that I decided to build one myself.

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