Rewriting my website

For a long time my website has been nothing more than a plain old HTML page with my e-mail address and GPG key.

My old website in firefox

But at times I had the desire to publish random thoughts, ideas and encounters, but I didn't want to use any of the centralized social networks. That's why I chose to rebuild my website as a blog using a static site generator named Gutenberg (RIIR, yay!). For now the whole setup is quite hacky since I patched in some features I needed but didn't get around to propose them upstream till now. My hope is to find the time to write about interesting topics, projects and events on a more or less regular basis.

In addition to that I'm also beginning to use this domain for my e-mail correspondence. Unfortunately I'll have to get to my GPG master key to add as an additional uid to my GPG key.

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